Rob Margolies Filmmaker | I'd Like to be Alone Now - Feature film produced by Rob Margolies
I'd Like to be Alone Now is a feature film produced by Rob Margolies and written and directed by Jon Dabach in 2017. The film stars Jack McGee, Mindy Sterling, David Fynn, Vanessa Lengies, and many more.
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In the face of death we all come to question our own path. “I’d Like to Be Alone Now” is an ensemble dramedy that takes place in one location – the house of a mourning widower and father. When Kyle loses his wife and three children to a car accident his entire family comes to help him mourn but instead they all turn inward to examine their own lives. Desperate for some private time for introspection, Kyle decides to nail himself into his room with some scrap wood. His brothers, friends, parents and even housekeeper are left to tend to him while they try to put the pieces of their own broken lives back together.

“I’d Like to Be Alone Now” is written in a fast-paced, dialogue/character driven style similar to David Mamet or some of Woody Allen’s work from the 80’s like “Hannah and her Sisters.” A more recent film that shares a similar tone from the independent world would be “The Squid and the Whale” starring Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney, and Jesse Eisenberg.