Rob Margolies Filmmaker | Roomate Wanted
Roomate Wanted is a film written by Rob Margolies that stars Alex Vega and Spencer Grammer. The film was distributed by Lionsgate.
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Roommate Wanted is Rob Margolies’ 3rd directorial effort, working off a screenplay he did not write. The clever film is a psychological thriller filled with tension and dark comedy about Janie and Dee (Alexa Vega and Spencer Grammer), two polar opposite female roommates whose differences come to a head over the course of one crazy day. Fabricated lies and jealousy escalate into competitive revenge, all leading up to an action packed shocking conclusion. The film also stars Kathryn Morris (star of the hit TV show “Cold Case”) as an assistant to a wealthy family who must choose between one of the two girls to donate their eggs for a large sum of money.